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Establishing Self Care

Abolishing Self-Harmful Addictions.

Establish Self-Caring Habits.

Self-harming addictions and habits make your pain worse.

Addictions and habits can be stopped by our nervous systems with a plan and an appropriate amount of time.

Smoking tobacco is the worst because it impedes the body’s ability to heal and reduce pain.

To stop smoking takes time, patience, and support. We have been helping people through this process for decades. We will provide you with the comprehensive support system to help you quit once and for all.

Other contributing factors:

  • Drinking alcohol
  • Using illicit drugs
  • Using amphetamines
  • Eating too much (especially sugar)

These make pain worse.

The Solution

Eliminating Habits That Cause Pain

  • Stopping these habits and addictions starts with an idea.
  • This leads to establishing a plan that is unique to you. Working the plan to eliminate these harmful addictions will pull you away from pain.

Steps to Take When Fighting Addiction

  1. Give up and ask for help.
  2. Get help from other people, especially groups with the same addiction.
  3. Utilize the help of a higher power, if appropriate.
  4. Make achievable goals, which usually means, give yourself enough time to change.  New, healthy habits take weeks to learn, and if practiced at a regular time are more effective.

Establishing Habits that Reduce Pain Self Care

 Establishing self-caring habits will also pull you away from pain. They go hand in hand with eliminating self-harm. Like a gardener, you pull weeds and plant good seeds.

The most important good habits are exercise, good nutrition, and sleep

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