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How to Find Peace When Your In Pain:

Pain can be reduced by spending time alone with yourself with a calm and focused state of mind.

Step 1:

  • Find a quiet and peaceful place, where you can be alone for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Put yourself in a comfortable position, either laying down, sitting or standing, using pillows for support if needed
  • Close your eyes completely, or partially. If your eyes are cracked open, pick a point in the space in front of you to focus on

Step 2:

  • Take five, slow deep breaths. As you breath in, focus on all of the movements of your body associated with the in-breathe
  • As you breathe out, notice all of the movements of your body associated with the out-breath
  • If your mind wanders, that is perfectly normal. All you have to do it gently bring your awareness back to your breath.

Step 3:

  • Let your breath return to normal
  • Start noticing, how do you feel? How does your body feel?
  • Scan the body and take note of how each part of your body feels, from your toes to the top of your head.
  • If you notice areas of tension, this is perfectly normal. Taking a slow, deep breath while you focus on this area of tension. Hear your mind say ‘relax’ while focused on the tension and pain. Continue your deep breathing. See if you can listen to your body’s response; there are messages coming from your body for you to understand.

Step 4:

  • See if you can establish a conversation with your body and can develop a working relationship with your body. See if you can follow your body’s lead with its instructions to you regarding releasing your tension and reducing your pain.
  • Partner with your body to get better. Do this every day.
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