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Pain Treatment

Multimodality Pain Treatment

Treating chronic pain with multimodality pain treatment means to work with your body instead of against your body.

 You have a mind and a body, and the two need to ‘join hands’ and bring about a set of events that reduce pain.

In order to bring about these changes, the body needs the mind to lead the way.  Thus the body-mind connection becomes number one on the list of steps to take to move towards comfort. Body-Mind Medicine is on our list of multimodality pain treatment.  This takes time alone, when not distracted by the outside world. Meditation is what we call this time alone.  A regular exercise of connecting the mind to the body is beneficial; on a daily basis.  The effort deepens over time and you will find the way to make the changes a little bit at a time to reduce pain and increase comfort.  

We make a careful and comprehensive assessment of your pain and misery.
We establish your medical, social and psychological condition.

With this clear understanding of all your medical diagnoses, we construct your treatment plan with you.


Typically, there are three major, interconnected processes we foster together that produce the results you want. The first is the short-term goal of immediate assistance with pain, both physical and emotional. This is usually derived with the correct medical prescriptions.
Our integrative Lifestyle Treatment greatly aids the healing process Lifestyle Treatment

Short Term Goals

  • Immediate Pain Relief
  • Maintaining Comfort

Long Term Goals

  • Plan of Care
  • Physical Therapy



We also institute your interventional program with a combination of massage, acupuncture, special exercises, aquatic therapy, and a thoughtful life plan that incorporates the proper restrictions from activities that produce pain and injury.